Monday, December 07, 2009

ScaleCamp - Varnish

Artur Bergman talking about Varnish; this followed on from the Squid talk and most of the same crowd hung around for this one.

purges gone from multicast to Rabbit MQ (damn can't remember if I got that right or what it means!)
2 8-core servers in London data centre 350MB/s with 5000 requests/sec. Intel X25 SSDs have changed a certain class of application. If disk is the new tape, then it's probably still acceptable to go to disk if you're running those babies. See also Last.FMs experience with them.

Attempt cache hits in all data centres (UK -> US) before going to the app. Much better performance.

CDN gets broken with query string parameters - common misconfiguration which can be defended against.

Varnish protects against thundering herd. Interesting - need to read more about that to better understand it.

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