Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The little literate one

Connor's so funny. He can't read, but he's seen that Callum has a book in his bed when he wakes up, so Connor wants to have the same. He's had Bob the Builder and Fireman Sam in with him the last few nights, and you can hear him blethering away to himself before he drops off.

Jython - contributing

Got the go-ahead from my employer late last week that it's OK for me to contribute to Jython. Cool, I can start properly doing the unicodedata implementation (and I don't have to ask Stefan to back out my xmlunit patch!). The only annoying thing is that I started doing the Josh Bloch / Neal Gafter Java Puzzlers book while I was waiting for the approval to come through, so I want to finish that rather than having too many things on the go at one time. So I'll probably be a week before ramping up on unicodedata again.