Thursday, July 08, 2010

Capturing Mobile Network Traffic On OS X

Recently had to audit an app to ensure that it wasn't leaking any unwanted details over the network. This was an iPhone app, but the same process can be used for Android, etc.
  1. Ensure Macbook Pro is plugged into Ethernet.
  2. Open System Preferences
  3. Internet & Wireless | Sharing (in Snow Leopard).
  4. Click Internet Sharing.
  5. From Ethernet
  6. On Airport
  7. Close System Preferences
  8. Click Airport
  9. Select Create Network...
  10. On the phone, open the WiFi controls and connect to the network that you've just created.
  11. Run Wireshark.
  12. Start capturing traffic on the wireless card.
  13. Check stuff is using SSL that should be, etc.