Saturday, August 18, 2007

Amazon losing capability in core function?

I was watching Steve Yegge's talk from OSCON about branding, and one of the things he touched on was Amazon's brand is books, and they want to get out of that since Jeff Bezos thinks that certain consumables will become totally digitized. My current thinking is that they are focusing on other things anyway (hosting, anyone?) and maybe this is taking away from their original core competency. Recent orders of mine have taken a lot longer than they used to. Previously, I'd order stuff on a Monday and it would arrive on Wednesday or Thursday the same week, with Super Saver Delivery. Now it takes a lot longer. So I'm still waiting for the Erlang, ANTLR, Haskell and REST books to arrive that I'd hoped to read on holiday.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Hello Cameron

There we go, another smasher has arrived. I think there were various events and conversations that I wanted to record today, but it's late and I'm knackered. Blog more with photos tomorrow or the weekend.

Jython UnicodeData hacking in the CDS

Got numeric and decimal working today in between contractions in the Central Delivery Suite at Frimley Park Hospital today. Nearly got categories working as well, except I'm not clear how CPython has implemented unicodedata.category for undefined codepoints.

e.g. Python 2.5 uses Unicode 4.2 for the Unicode database. The integer codepoint 13313(decimal) / 3401 (hex) is not defined within Unicode 4.1.


It isn't defined in Unicode 5.0, which is what I've been using to do the Jython implementation.


So how does CPython define unicodedata.category(unichr(13313)) to be 'Lo'? And it doesn't seem to be just 'Lo' in all cases of undefined items. I'm speculating that it might be falling back to the preceding valid codepoint category. Think I need to post to a CPython list to confirm.