Thursday, December 25, 2008

More learning

I like Mercurial. I'm trying to use it more, to see how it can improve my workflow (and trying to resist the complexity of git for the moment). I'm also trying to do a lot with Scheme, thus scratching my itch of learning about language design generally and a Lisp in a more in-depth fashion.

UPDATE: I've actually restricted access to the bitbucket repository at one of the author's request. Leave a comment here if you want access and I'll see about allowing access on a per-person basis. Allowing access will at the very least depend on good verification of the requestor and posting to the group to allow any instructors to veto access.

Socially responsible internet citizenship

I may not yet be knowledgeable enough to contribute editorially, but I can contribute to Wikipedia financially. Just donated.

Wikipedia Affiliate Button

Update: Not sure how cool a URI this is - not sure they've read Bill de hÓra's post on paging.