Saturday, December 26, 2009

ScaleCamp - How do you scale Activity Feeds?

Popular session this - standing room only, so no notes from me.

The short answer is Redis, courtesy of Simon Willison. Since the consensus was that Redis would do the trick, we then touched on Simon's other new favourite technology - node.js.

Digression: Alex from mediamolecule made a comment about 100MB of data in a key-data structure store should only require 100MB of memory to store in such a server app (plus a little extra for housekeeping, but it shouldn't be a 1:10 ratio or similar. I didn't take that as a direct criticism of Redis but more of a reminder about choosing good data structures and the importance of CompSci (says this mathematician). I mention that, since it pricked me to investigate a suspected bad data structure in one of our apps, and coupled with the Eclipse Memory Analyser recommended by the Guardian guys, I found something that was using far too much of the heap for our Tomcat nodes; and had a change rolled out within 4 days of attending this conference. That reduced the memory footprint for that data structure from 250MB to 16MB. Ouch, shocker, but great to have found, prioritised and fixed.

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