Sunday, September 17, 2006

Bloody Monkeys

Took the boys to Longleat Safari Park today. Callum was very excited, but Connor managed to fall asleep just before we got there!

So we went through the first bit, which had the giraffes, zebras, ostriches and some other stuff. Then we went round the flamingoes up to the monkey enclosure. Al voted to take the shiny new Zafira in whereas I was a bit more cautious, but Callum was pretty vocal about what he wanted to see. So in we went.

It was obviously very funny to watch the monkeys dismantle other peoples cars. They must go through some sort of training programme. Rights lads, next up, Audi A3. Weaknesses, trim comes away easily, remember the arial if they haven't retracted it and the rear wiper will come off if you hang on it hard enough. And so it was that some of the little nasties got on our roof, and went straight for the rear-screen wash projector. Off in a flash. I even saw one using a branch as a crowbar to get a wiper off another car.

Callum and Al thought I accelerated rather hard to coax one of the little fellas off the car, but it was more like controlled kangaroo hops to encourage the monkey to leave. Connor woke up in the next enclosure and saw the gazel-thingies and deer, then caught the tiger and lions as well, so he was bouncing off the walls. Little smashers!