Monday, December 07, 2009

ScaleCamp - State of the Nation for Monitoring

Where are we now and what's broken with it?

People are almost getting to the point of needing more powerful machines to do the monitoring than the app servers! Maybe something's broken somewhere...

RRDTool - overall, the consensus seemed to be that this was a little dated.

  1. Does lots of writes due to the way it stores data

  2. throws away data by the way it aggregates - to see fine-grained data of last years sales, you need to keep a backup of the files / graphs, rather than being able to query it.

  3. can't be cleansed of bad data, or it's a bitch of a job to do so.

Alternative options

  • hbase

  • reconnoiter

  • Tokyo Tyrant / Cabinet

  • timesplicedb looks to be an interesting attempt to provide a replacement. More language bindings needed, don't be shy!

A good start to the conference for me and it gave me a flavour of the depth and breadth of discussions available.

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