Sunday, October 30, 2005

Plumbing pains (part one)

So we've got some plumbers to do the job (Al's selection criteria was particularly rigorous - are you Scottish?). First day in and the new pressurised thingy (obviously I'm very clued-up when it comes to plumbing) was in place. The guys told us not to use the central heating, but we could use the hot water. Bit of a pain, but it's not quite winter draws yet, so we thought it was managable.

After the hot water had been on a little while, we heard a loud depressurising noise, so hastily turned off the hot water system. Had a poke around, but couldn't see anything obvious, so we just left it.

The next day, we noticed that there was a large puddle forming in the lounge ceiling, since the hot water hadn't been connected up, and every time we turned it on, it just poured straight out of the pipes onto the floor in the water tank housing, and then drained into the lounge. Class. We put pots down on the floor to collect it and waited for the plumbers to return.

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