Saturday, October 29, 2005

Building pains

So we're having this loft conversion done, to give us more space without having to move and pay the iniquitous stamp duty. But it's not been a pain-free process.

Originally, we were specc-ed to have the squat cylindrical tanks sitting in the middle of the loft altered to be coffin tanks sat in the eaves. But first day on the job, the builder stated that coffin tanks wouldn't fit into the space allocated by the architect. We had a few plumbers look at it and they all concurred. So we were left with the option of stopping completely, or upgrading the entire system in the house to a pressurised one, at the increased cost of a few thousand. Ouch! The loft conversion company refused to meet us half-way on this one, so we're taking the hit ourselves. Key learning number one...

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