Saturday, February 03, 2007

Roaches in the sun

Managed to head up north for a day, hooked up with the Banks, Laurie and Dutch. Cracking day, too hot really (and this is February!).

Mooching around under Inertial Reel discussing who had climbed it. Martin Dearden was just next to us, apparently enjoying being the subject of our historical wanderings when we tried to remember who it was that had taken eight years on it. Mind you, that's positively fast given that I first tried Stefan Grossman eleven years ago, before DB had done it. I came close six years ago, and haven't really been back. There's a long-term goal!

Did a bit, felt a bit fat and not moving well, I think I was a bit tired from introducing the weight belt back into the training programme. The Banks did well, getting Teck Crack Superdirect third go or thereabouts. I couldn't get my foot on the starting hold - bit of flexibility work required maybe!

Backed off Stretch and Mantel - I can't mantel and it was a bit high. Then puntered about on Calcutta Buttress before team effort on the world's hardest 6a+ slab. Andy came close; Adam Long complained about old boots not being up to it, Fiona crimped like a beast but couldn't quite get it.

Flashed Stretch Armstrong then it was time to go. I didn't really do much, but had a good day out with the guys. On the way home, Al rang and said it was OK for me to stay over, but I was already halfway home. Will get an overnight pass properly sorted out for the future.

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