Monday, August 22, 2005

How To Blog

This hasn't been quite the literary torrent that I was hoping for. I had expected there to be more output - circulation I'm not bothered about since it's supposed to be a record and a learning experience. I'm guessing that only family and maybe close friends ever come here.

I kept a diary from when I was fourteen to about nineteen. Today, it's interesting to re-visit it and see what I was thinking then, but always a very raw experience. I remember showing it to a girlfriend as we were in the process of breaking up and I don't think I should have; I was still a proto-man with half-formed ideas of what the world was like and my place in it. Still am, but not to quite the same extent. I think she got an insight into me and a closeness that was never shared in the relationship. Anyway, I'm surprised that I've talked about that.

The point of this post is that work introduced internal blogs about two weeks after I started this one, and blogging about my work is, in an intensely selfish way, much more stimluating in some regards than this. With work, I have lots of ideas that I've been thinking about for a long period of time that I want to express and get feedback on. Blogging at work is a very good medium for that. By contrast, what I say on this forum is a lot more immediate and hasn't gone through the same editorial process. When I'm writing code, I feel that I'm a third-draft man, once I've refactored. Something I share with Martin Amis! But here it tends to be much more of a stream of consciousness affair. I might re-read it prior to posting, but I try not to edit the entries after they've gone, since the intent when I began this was to recapture that exicted emotional state for my family to understand. And Al, I promise to try not to reference writing code again on here!



James Abley said...

Re-reading this entry makes me think that I'm probably experiencing the seven stages of blogging, whatever they are!

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