Monday, September 22, 2008

Ubuntu Hardy issues

Just a place holder for stuff as I hit it.

  1. Hibernate / Resume has stopped working. Damn, now it takes me 10 minutes to start up and shutdown at the end of the day. That's time my employer is losing. With Gutsy, Sleep was great. Just shut the lid and leg it out at the end of the day to beat the traffic and pick up the kids. Now I have to stop writing code early. Tracking this, but I'm don't have an idea of when I might get the old functionality back.
  2. Thunderbird with Lightning 0.8 stopped understanding iCal, VCALENDAR and all remote and local Calendar data disappeared. I eventually narrowed it down to this. With libstdc++5 installed locally, a reinstall of the lightning 0.8 plugin brought all my calendars back. Might be moving more of them into the cloud from now on though.
  3. IO seems a slower, or the disk is getting spun quite a lot more. That's just a subjective impression though, and I don't have any Bonnie(++) numbers for my laptop before the upgrade.
  4. Network Manager seems to have a hard time with roaming now. At work, I'm on a LAN all the time. At home, I'm on my LAN or WiFi. Switching at home seems a lot more troublesome that it used to be, and /etc/init.d/dbus restart as my usual brute force approach seems to stop the NM applet from getting put back into the System Tray. No bug report for that yet, since that sounds a little woolly!

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