Sunday, November 25, 2007

Oakley For Ever

I love Oakley [1], and not just for the quality of the purchased product.

  • From Lance Armstrong's book, he recounts telling his Oakley sponsor that he's been diagnosed with cancer, but he's not got health insurance. The guy from Oakley tells Armstrong not to worry and he sorts it out by telling the insurance company that Armstrong had better damn well be covered, otherwise Oakley will stop doing their company heath insurance scheme through that insurance company. I'm happy spending money with a company that employs that sort of human being.
  • When I recently lost one of the rubber noseclips from one of my pairs of Oakleys, I phoned up customer service and they posted some out the same day, no charge. That's just great service, and ensures that I'll continue to buy Oakleys and will probably be getting them from my three sons over time as well. Why aren't more companies that switched on about having a great long-term relationship with customers?

[1] Ok, the website does appear to suck somewhat!

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