Monday, November 14, 2005

Vicarious pleasures

Spent the weekend with a load of mates celebrating Julie's thirtieth. Had a cracking time with all, and I had the personal bonus that it was an outdoor activities weekend. I found it quite interesting to view the experience very intensely written on other people's faces as they experienced fear and pure joy going into these unusual situations. It's very weird since I've been doing that sort of thing since I was two, so I guess I don't have the fear or newness to contend with. But it was great to see other people going through that experience, purely as an observer!

I noticed something about myself as well. I wasn't very patient. I guess it comes from being so au fait with all the activities, but I really struggled hanging around waiting for a group of twenty bumblies (to use Mick Ward's anthropological chart). I think it partly stems from being so independent and used to having my autonomy, not reliant on others to do stuff, but I caught myself a couple of times jumping in when it probably wasn't my turn, but I couldn't stop myself from bursting then. I hope I can be better with the boys when the time comes for them to try climbing and everything else Competive Dad wants them to do!

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