Sunday, July 30, 2006

Post-Project review - North Wales trip

  1. If you arrive in the Pass and it's dry, go climbing. The BBQ can wait, but tomorrow will probably bring rain.

  2. A bunch of Sarf London market boys will not be able to thrash up Snowdon in proper Northern rain that hurts, Wayne and his brother excepting.

  3. Never go hill-walking with a fell-runner. Doing the Llanberis track up and down in a little over three hours is going to hurt later this week.

  4. The Vaynol is very good for supping - good choice with the campsite, Mr Velupillai.

  5. The campsite was basic and I'm probably needing my creature comforts more in my old age.

  6. The Vaynol sucked for food. They got my order wrong, brought the food out cold and is was generally unimpressive. I made up for it by drinking lots of Robinson's. (c.f. point 4)

  7. Not doing any climbing for a while over the hot summer months leaves Fairy Liquid soft hands and flabby muscle which doesn't cope well with the Cromlech boulders.

  8. Whereever you go climbing in the world, you will bump into people you know from Sheffield. Mr Busby looked far too fit and strong for my liking, so I'm going to have to start getting thin so that I can be good enough to hold his rope next time I see him at Rubicon!

Friday, July 21, 2006

Australian influences

So my brother and his family visited, and I didn't write anything at the time. The one thing that sticks in the mind is his son, and my allusion to Beaker.