Monday, June 20, 2005

Al's recovery

The wife's recovering well from the op, and she now boasts the desirable figure 34 in her vital statistics. Hubba hubba, know what I'm saying, boys?

In fact, probably not. That's her waist at this moment in time, and I discovered this when I found her wearing my new favourite trousers. Now before the hairy-legged dungaree wearers get all bent out of shape and start labelling me an unfeeling misogynistic bastard who doesn't appreciate the ordeal of pregnancy and labour, let me point out two things:
  1. Irony
  2. I love her and I know she's going to be reading this. She'll easily lose the weight if and when she wants, and I'll be supporting her however I can. Plus I'm going to change the locks if it's not in six months time.


We had the Basher's birthday recently. I often feel somewhat guilty that it tends to eclipse my Mother's birthday; it being the same day. But she professes not to feel that way.

We took him on a steam train - I think he's still a little young to really enjoy it, but he seemed fascinated enough by the engine and was too scared to go in the driver's cabin. My boy - the great big jessie! I'll take that as a positive thing, in that he doesn't appear to be overly enamoured with trains to the point of obsessiveness. That way lies trainspotting...

It gets less painful the more you do it.

So I was saying to a friend the other day that it seemed a lot easier this time round - not as much a shock to the system. That was about half an hour before I fell asleep at what...8:30? Yes, much easier this time! So my blogging has been somewhat curtailed due to trying to get some kip.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

2005-06-02 Callum's perspective

The Basher has been very cute about the new competition for Mummy and Daddy's affection. He got very excited when I showed him the photos of Connor and Al. I was surprised that he seemed to make the association between the baby in Mummy's tummy that he's been kissing and the little person in her arms. We'll see how the first meeting goes later.

He actually did quite well, no jealous fits and planted a very tender wet kiss on his little brother's head. Joy.

2005-06-01 First take on the new arrival

It's a little unfortunate that Total Recall was on the night Al went into labour, but I first looked at Connor and thought "Hello, Kuato". I'm sure he'll look a lot better after we're allowed to wash the blood off him.

2005-05-31 Connor joins us

Connor was born today. Not the birth we had hoped for; Al had a long labour and eventually had an emergency c-section, so thanks to all at the hospital. It was also a little surreal; when they had her in theatre, the anaethetist asked if we would like some music and whacked on a 80's compilation CD. So our new son entered the world to the sounds of Frankie's Two Tribes.